Friday, 7 August 2009

The New Dilemma!

What a week!

My hubby had two job interviews, one on Monday the other on Tuesday.
I have had earache most of the week.
My boss has expected miracles from me when he drops things on me to complete yesterday (but I think the majority has one of those!)

The 'piesta resistance' - the job hubby really really would like, has a phone interview on Tuesday. Whats the deal with that then? Well he is in the running for this job, the agency have told him he ticks all the boxes. The company have had this position open for six months now and all the people the prospective employers have looked at are not suitable.

Im so excited!

We will have to relocate to the Isle of Man - Island between Ireland and Wales!

I get the feeling he is looking for reasons not to take it.
Having to pack up the house - told him I have sold 5 houses and moved so thats not an issue.
Its not fair on you - hell I want to move he just has to get the job!
Stepdaughter visits - he has said she is at the age were she will want to spend more time with her friends etc. This has already started asking to go to a party instead of our weekend.
The expense of visitations - he will be earning loads more and we could see about once a month instead of every other weekend.

For me the dilemma is I WANT THIS. No disrespect to any english, part of my family is english, but I have not settled here and find the community spirit Im used to in Ireland does not exist, and I struggle.

The Isle of Man is 31miles long by 13 miles wide, the associate in my office is from the Isle of Man and he told me if its community I want then I would be going to the right place.

If hubby gets the job then what. Im worried that any issues raised in relation to my stepdaughter would make me resentful and I dont want that. I dont want to feel trapped either.

So there you go the next dilemma in my stepmum life.


  1. Ooooh tricky one.... do you think Hubby is stalling because of the SD issues? Nightmare. Why not ask Hubby to discuss it with SD - trouble with that is, it could go either way. But if she gives him the OK he might feel better about it?

  2. I can see why that would be a new dilemma, he could talk to her but I agree with La Belle Mere that could go either way which could make it better or worse.
    Maybe give it time, see if it actually works out before having any serious conversations about it. I really hope it works out for you! It is so hard to make a decision you know is better for you, better for the hubby but maybe not the best for the SD. Good luck!

  3. Tag you are it!