Friday, 31 July 2009

MY weekend!

Yepee!!!!! Ive finished work and my weekend has started!!!

Domino's Pizza tonight, eaten well all week so tonight is a treat. Then maybe a film from the DVD cabinet. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh chillin!

Lie in tomorrow, a LITTLE housework, finish #2 cardigan for Birth Mums new baby and maybe get some writing done.

Hubby going clothes shopping!

Lets pray for an uneventful weekend!


Where is a Stepmum in the proverbial landscape?

A father's goodness is higher than the mountain, a mother's goodness deeper than the sea. -- Japanese Proverb

Put this proverb into the stepfamily dynamic and where does that leave a stepmum?

Are we the sun? - not even on the same planet


Are we the horizon? - ever distant

We can choose where we want to be. I know some may think 'no we cant', dependant on where you are in your stepmum journey; but always remember you do have choices.

I could have said I am the rock my husband stands on, but when I thought about it that really is restrictive when I know I have more involvement with my stepdaughter.

So I choose to be the Ozone layer, holes and all! Don't get me wrong, I do not see myself as the last form of defence before outer space, but that crucial layer that encompasses my family. My stepdaughter is the core, quite literally.

I hear you! Why do I include the birth mother in my world, because she is. I have accepted that and moved on, which has made things alot easier and stressfree.

Mum, Dad, Kid and Stepmum all have a place in the stepfamily world, it's just where you choose to put yourself!


What would happen if the stepkids moved in?

La Belle Mere - Being a Step-mum makes you mental

La Belle Mere, author of the La Belle Mere blog, has written wonderful articles which I have linked to below:

Being a Step-mum makes you mental - Part 1

Being a Step-mum makes you mental - Part 2

Being a Step-mum makes you mental - Part 3



'Must Read Article' Award Winner

Im nominating the

'Being a Step-mum makes you mental' - series by La Belle Mere

Who is also a follower of this Blog, so may find out here before I have formally told her! lol

Brilliant articles with wit and charm that are sooo true.


Remember if you have found a poignant article on the web, share it here!


Apologies for my Lack of Posting

Things lately have been rather hectic.

My father was diagnosied as terminally ill with cancer.
My stepdaughter is moving in with us (supposedly, one minute she is, isnt, is, isnt you get the idea)
My pay has been cut in work due to the current economic climate. (it is now less than what i earned 5 years ago!)
My own health is all over the place and my head is god knows were!
I have not enough hours in the day.
My Passion Test is none existant.

I could go on, but I think you know were I am coming from.


Thursday, 2 July 2009 survives!


I am happy to say the Stepmothers Support Group, has survived a hackers attack this week.

All the admin team do a stirling job!

Keep up to good work.


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Wednesdays Words of Wisdom

To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself on
ce in a while. ~Josh Billings