Monday, 29 June 2009

Tool Box Girls Must Read articles on Self Deception

ToolBox Girl, author of the Step Mom's Toolbox blog, has written eye opening articles on Self Deception. Below are easy links to these articles.

Part 1 The Stepmom's Self Deception
What is Self Deception

Part 2 The Stepmom's Self Deception
Tool Box Girls Journey of Self Deception in her remarried and stepmom life.

Part 3 The Stepmom's Sept Deception
Examples of self-betrayal and how self-betrayal plays into the self-deception that keeps us stuck in the muck.

Part 4 The Stepmom's Self Deception
Continuing the discussion on how Self-Betrayal and Self-Deception impact your remarried life and your role as a stepmom.

Part 5 The Stepmom's Self Deception
The Grand Illusion
Introducing Arbinger’s concept of Collusion and how this plays out in our Self-Deception.


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