Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Thursday Think Tank

I have often wondered how my husband felt with the step family dynamic. Therefore I have tried putting my size 4 feet into his size 11 shoes.

1. He still has ties to a woman he divorced and dislikes.
2. He has to deal with parenting his child from a distance.
3. He has to deal with a preteen going on 30 that dislikes her father telling her what to do.
4. He has to deal with any fall out within his second family that his first may bring.

Now what can I do to help?

Well the first I can do nothing about!
The second I can talk to my husband and maybe open new directions of thinking, but accept my limitations.
The Third I can support my husband, but accept I can not control others feelings.
The Fourth I can influence and make sure that if there is fallout it is minimal.

Dont deceive yourself that you can fix everything you cant.
Know your limitations!
Do what is in your power to do.

This ties in beautifully with a fellow stepmum who has written a series of articles on Self-Deception. I urge you to read these articles!

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