Tuesday, 30 June 2009

SMOMS.org hacked?

I have just tried to go on my beloved sister forum at SMOMS.org and got 404 Not Found error messages. When I tried to go to SMOMS.org home page this is what I found:

It Reads:
'Hey Stupid Fly Catcher Obama! Stop talking about Iran and telling to your dogs (UK, France, Germany) to talk about Iran and Iran Election. Keep working on your f**ked country and try to solve economic crisis in your hungry country! Iran's election doesn't have problem and Moosavi with his tiny brain will be in jail in near future, so don't pay your time and money for him and for his fans. 70-80% of Iranian people hate Moosavi nowadays... We never cheated in elections and even Moosavi knows that. So stop this stupid things! OK????

I pray that SMOMS.org is backedup somehow and this valuable resource for stepmothers worldwide is not lost!


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