Monday, 29 June 2009

The Stepchildren in your wedding

Its very easy to get swept up in wedding plans, but you do need to consider the stepchildren.

They will most likely have settled into a routine between both parents houses, then all of a sudden the dynamic is changing again. This is when you may find most resistance.

A slow introduction to the stepchildren will help things seem less confusing for them.

Set out to build a relationship with them. This will be hard as you will most likely have to go at the childs pace and all children are different.

If you wish to include them in the wedding party you could make them bridesmaid or page boy, sprinkling rose petals or handing out orders of service. Whichever you chose it will go towards reassuring them they have a place in the new family and are important to you to be included in the wedding.

There are books that the children can fill in and keep , also you can ask them to help you make small decisions eg. will we sprinkle 'Hearts' or 'Just Married' confetti on the reception table. The little things will mean so much.

It would also help if the stepchildren were introduced to the others in the wedding party before the big day so they feel more comfortable if others are looking after them for any period of time throughout the wedding.

It is more to consider, but it will be worth it to have a happy bridesmaid, rather than a child out of their depth, crying or throwing a tantrum for attention!


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