Wednesday, 12 August 2009

And it's only Wednesday!!!!

Monday - Hubby's told his contract terminates end of next week! Great bombshell to start the week with.

Tuesday - Recruiter calls hubby has a 45 minutes 'chat' over the phone on a prospective role. Recruiter puts hubs forward. Employers has quick chat with hubs over the phone and sets up an interview!

Wednesday - Interview! 30mins after hubs leaves he gets a call from recruiter they want him back for 2nd stage interview on 27th (isometric testing, verbalisation and presentation testing - rather him than me!!!).

Boy do that company work fast!!!

It would be a move to Swindon if he gets it.

Isle of Man job still in play too.

Stepdaughter, God Bless her. We have to remind her she is only 12 and freaks when you say she is a child, but she said on the way home last weekend, 'I will miss you if you have to move far, but I love you and understand.'

She maybe a child, but she can be mature when she needs to be.


  1. Oh bless her that is so cute. She sounds awesome!

    And Swindon is only 40 minutes up the M4 from me!! Woo-hoo!! That Step-mum social is getting ever closer I can feel it in my waters!


  2. lol LBM

    Keep everything crossed ;)

  3. BAS, I am sorry to post this here, however I couldn't find an email link to you!

    So, please stop by my site and collect your award!! xx