Thursday, 27 August 2009

Lest we forget...

Hubby called from just outside Swindon, before his interview. He was stationary on the carriageway in traffic.

Then he told me of the lay-bys along the carriage way filled with veterans in their berets. It was a guard of honour. The slow and silent cort├Ęge of coffin filled hearse, lead by Police escorts, passed in front of him. He was witnessing the repatriation of our young men who had fallen in

We dare to get on with the day to day without a thought. I’m as guilty as the rest of us!

Now I can’t stop thinking of the men who are finally going home for the last time.


Good Luck!

Today is a big day for hubby!

Its his 2nd interview for the Swindon job. I have everything crossed!

Good Luck Honeyxxxxxxxxxxxx

If you could spare a thought, wish him Luck cause I REALLY want to move to Swindon.


Monday, 24 August 2009


The vast majority of my dreams I never remember, but last week one did float around my mental recesses popping in and out of my thoughts at the most inappropriate moments.

Dearest Hubby say one of those moments and asked what I was thinking about, I told him.

I dreamt years in the future of SD coming to visit, she was now an adult and brought with her her beau, a rather dashing young man who kindly left his white steed outside (thank god, wouldn’t have a litter tray big enough, but then again it is a dream!)

Hubs was asked by Prince Charming for SDs hand – all keeping to tradition. I handed hubby a note saying ‘next will be the request to pay for said marriage (said like Jack Sparrow!). They will not be leaving here with a cheque. We have not seen SD for years and we should not have to pay for the privilege!’

I know, I’m cringing at that, the claws were out and there was a hint of cat like hissing and spitting is in the air!

As dreams do, it then jumped to a week before the wedding and Hubs and I were involved in the preparations at SDs house. Her Grandma was telling us in no uncertain terms to get out and don’t bother coming to the wedding. I then turned to SD and said your Grandma is paying for the wedding have a nice life and walked out.

If you can work out what my overactive imagination is getting up to when Im sleeping, let me know cause I don’t!

Back to reality!

First thing out of hubs mouth –‘Don’t use money as a weapon’

Not what I was expecting!

Then I thought about what I have used as a weapon, yes I have used money as a weapon. When SDs behaviour was at it’s worst she lost pocket money. Then I started thinking about the big picture.

Suzie Orman says:

Never use money as a weapon or a shield. Money itself has no power; our actions, attitudes, and decisions give it influence.

That observation could be made against practically any object or situation –

????? itself has no power; our actions, attitudes, and decisions give it influence.

Putting that in the context of a stepfamily. What weapons do you carry in your arsenal?

Is your arsenal full of positive actions, attitudes and decisions?

Remember: Do not let your weapons backfire on you!


If any of my fellow blogger would like to pick this topic up I would be most greatful. Still trying to get my head around the dream let alone the consequences of using money as a weapon within the stepfamily dynamic.

A Stepmum Cafe first !!!!

What can I say !!! Thank you Mesina for bestowing this award.
Ist brought a smile to the beginning of a new week.

The Rules:

1. List five current obsessions

2. Pass the award onto five other blogs

hmmmm, my obsessions? Well here goes:

1. Hubby- Can you call your husband an obsession? I suppose seeing as I love him to bits and is No. 1 in my life I can get away with it.

2. Stepdaughter - I do obsess over SD, I obsess that one day she will see that all we have ever wanted was what was best for her.

3. Photography - I have completed my Level 1 City & Guilds, but can't afford Level 2 at the mo. Doesn't stop me from clicking away though!

4. Moving - want Hubs to get Swindon job, but also want him to be happy in what ever role he gets.

5. Write a book - one day I will actually get off my butt and grow my synopsis into a completed book!

Now for five lovely blogs I feel deserving of this award:

1. La Belle Mere - A down to earth lady
with a fantastic blog. Her writing style and wit make for an enjoyable read and you do not even have to be a stepparent to appreciate it.

2. The Stepmom's Tool Box - Peggy is a wonderfully caring lady and has set up the stepmom's toolbox to provide resources and help for those stepmums struggling in a blended family.

3. With Eyes Wide Open - I love this blog. It is a warm and honest insight into a stepmothers life. We worth the read!

4. Kimmythingy - You know all those things that are necessity but dont hit you in the face until you need them, well kimmythingy tells it like it is, with a sprinkling of wit.

5. The Wonderful World of Step-motherhood - This blog is thought provoking and a great read in all areas of life, not just step-motherhood.

Congratulations ladies.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

And it's only Wednesday!!!!

Monday - Hubby's told his contract terminates end of next week! Great bombshell to start the week with.

Tuesday - Recruiter calls hubby has a 45 minutes 'chat' over the phone on a prospective role. Recruiter puts hubs forward. Employers has quick chat with hubs over the phone and sets up an interview!

Wednesday - Interview! 30mins after hubs leaves he gets a call from recruiter they want him back for 2nd stage interview on 27th (isometric testing, verbalisation and presentation testing - rather him than me!!!).

Boy do that company work fast!!!

It would be a move to Swindon if he gets it.

Isle of Man job still in play too.

Stepdaughter, God Bless her. We have to remind her she is only 12 and freaks when you say she is a child, but she said on the way home last weekend, 'I will miss you if you have to move far, but I love you and understand.'

She maybe a child, but she can be mature when she needs to be.

Friday, 7 August 2009

My Album!

A dear blogger friend, Life of a Stepmama, tagged me!!! lol

What great fun and the cover, I think, looks brill!

Here are the rules:
1 - Click The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
2 - Go to The last phrase of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
3 - Click The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover art.
4 - Use photoshop or picnik.
5- Tag some friends to join in


1. Mesina
2. Toolbox Girl
3. As soon as I can think of anyone that has not already been tagged you will be next!!! whahahaha (wicked laugh!!!!)

The New Dilemma!

What a week!

My hubby had two job interviews, one on Monday the other on Tuesday.
I have had earache most of the week.
My boss has expected miracles from me when he drops things on me to complete yesterday (but I think the majority has one of those!)

The 'piesta resistance' - the job hubby really really would like, has a phone interview on Tuesday. Whats the deal with that then? Well he is in the running for this job, the agency have told him he ticks all the boxes. The company have had this position open for six months now and all the people the prospective employers have looked at are not suitable.

Im so excited!

We will have to relocate to the Isle of Man - Island between Ireland and Wales!

I get the feeling he is looking for reasons not to take it.
Having to pack up the house - told him I have sold 5 houses and moved so thats not an issue.
Its not fair on you - hell I want to move he just has to get the job!
Stepdaughter visits - he has said she is at the age were she will want to spend more time with her friends etc. This has already started asking to go to a party instead of our weekend.
The expense of visitations - he will be earning loads more and we could see about once a month instead of every other weekend.

For me the dilemma is I WANT THIS. No disrespect to any english, part of my family is english, but I have not settled here and find the community spirit Im used to in Ireland does not exist, and I struggle.

The Isle of Man is 31miles long by 13 miles wide, the associate in my office is from the Isle of Man and he told me if its community I want then I would be going to the right place.

If hubby gets the job then what. Im worried that any issues raised in relation to my stepdaughter would make me resentful and I dont want that. I dont want to feel trapped either.

So there you go the next dilemma in my stepmum life.